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Léng yán zhòu

Ananda remembered, reciting wear the mantra of the Most Excellent merit .

Foding light poly noted that DA-like DA Luo, the secret Jiatuo subtle Chapters. Birth of all the Buddhas of the ten. The ten Tathagata, so the curse of the heart, and get into a supreme being over perception. Tathagata of the ten, the Executive break this oath heart the yield Zhumo, system Zhu heretics. Tathagata of the ten directions, take the break this oath heart, sat Pauline China, should dust States. The ten Tathagata, including break this oath heart turn Falun dust States. 10 Tathagata to break this oath heart can be granted in mind of the ten friction top. Since fruit minors, and also the ten De Montfort granted in mind. The ten Tathagata, according to break this oath heart, pull the ten economic groups suffer. The so-called hell hungry ghost brute, blind and deaf mute, the unpleasant bitter love parting bitter, seeking not bitter, Wu Yin flaming, the size of the various cross at the same time relief. The thief difficult to soldiers are hard, the king of hard prison is difficult, hard wind, fire, water, poverty, hunger, should read the pin loose. The ten Tathagata, with the heart break this oath, can the ten things good mentor, four shred of dignity in the dependent wishful. Hengsha Tathagata, the push for Dafa Prince. The ten Tathagata, line break this oath heart to the ten Sheshou pro due to the various Theravada Wen secret Tibet, not born Afterward. The ten Tathagata, Song Ci Curse of the heart, into the supreme sleep, sit Linden into the Nirvana. The ten Tathagata pass break this oath heart Miedu after payment of a Buddhist thing, whether abbot net strict precepts, learned too clean. If photopolymerization Foding DA Luo curse, from once to the evening, Voice linked to everything the middle, do not overlap, the end can not do Hengsha robbery. Also break this oath the name Tathagata top. Thou shalt have learned, not entirely reincarnation, the heart and sincere take arahant, do not break this oath and sit temple, make it physically and mentally far Zhumo thing is at.

Ananda. Worlds, all beings with the Homeland, written with country born Hua Pibei, leaf paper plain white stacked hair break this oath, stored in a sachet. People faint, unable to recite memory. Or with the body. Or book the house in Should be aware that people make their date of birth, all of all the poison can not harm.

Ananda. This even said that for the Ru break this oath of ambulance world dauntless achievements beings worldly wisdom. If I am out after the end of the world beings, can self-chant, taught him to recite to know the case recite beings, fire can not burn, water can not be drowned, big drug poison can not harm. Case even Denon spirits, fine only magic charm, all the evil curse, are not. The experience is subject to. All the curses of tired Gudu drug, poison gold silver poison the vegetation Chongyi things gas into this population into the nectar flavor. All evil star, and various spirits, trampled heart poison people, in case people can not play evil. Frequency of the night the Buddha all evil King of Ghosts and their dependents are brought Motherly Love, often add to the guardian.

Ananda when known. The curse often eighty-four thousand that Henghe Sha Ju callosum Diamond Store Bodhisattva race. Eleven all the various King Kong public for the dependents, day and night and never complained. With living beings, scattered heart, non-Samadhi, the heart of memory port holds. King Kong king, often the followers Bizhu good man. Not to mention the decision Bodhicitta. Zhu King Bodhisattva the Zao carefully Yin speed, made ​​he a soul. Human seasonal heart memory eighty-four thousand Henghe Sha robbery, surrounding knowledge, have no doubts. From the first robbery and even the back, life Health Yaocha Mating, and Fu Shan that Buddha upbraid Fu Shan that, dove nirvana tea, Vaisali cover, and various hungry ghosts, both tangible and intangible want want, in the case of evil at. Good man, if the read if reciting the book if written with possession of various colors dependent robbery robbery not born poor abject can not be fun at. Sentient beings, longitudinal its own for good karma, the ten Tathagata merit, noted that with this person. Can not say that robbery, often associated with Buddhas with students one can not say that too in Henghe Sha A Sengzhi. Immeasurable merit, such as the evil fork poly. With at Xunxiu, never dispersed. Therefore make colloquial person, quit root purity. Without the ring, so that it was quit. Not sophisticated, so too sophisticated. No wisdom, so wisdom. Not clean, the speed was pure. Hold fast, as fast since.

Ananda. The good man break this oath. Set to commit forbidden in unaffected. Mantra. Public mess up the crime, asked the gravity of a moment quench. Vertical by drinking, fresh taste of Wu Xin, all without a net, not for the angel spirits of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas King. Set the disadvantages of not the net broken clothes. Live in a line a note with purity. Vertical and not for the altar, would not join the dojo, not doers of the word, recite break this oath, into the altar-way street merit no different. Made Wuni seamless felony, Ji Zhu monks and nuns in four abandoned eight abandoned, Song Ci curse has, in the case of heavy industry, like a fierce wind and loose sand poly Xijie eliminated, and more without scratching.

Ananda. If living beings, from immeasurable to numerous robbery all severity Zuizhang, from past to no time to repent. If to recite writing break this oath, body belt holders, if the security residence Chuang Residence Garden Museum. The case of the plot of Industry, Jew soup sales snow. Chieh-te Wu soon students endure. Complex sub-Ananda. If a woman is not there men and women desire pregnancy by. If Zhixin remembrance Adams curse. Or can the body with this note distressed multi-DA Hello. Will be born Crawford wisdom of men and women. Seeking longevity, have a long life, the desire for retribution speed satisfactory, speed was satisfactory. Body life color force, nor diminish. Ming Zhong would like to be reborn and after the ten homeland. Must be raw frontier degrading, not to mention miscellaneous shape.

Ananda. If all settlement of Homeland counties, famine, pestilence. The thief or complex sword fighting hard Zheng. Chief more than a Qiee difficult land. Write this Mantra, Ann City, four, and all mention or off the FA she on. Ordered Land and all living beings, curse pander to Sri Lanka, Sunday, respectfully, as one dependent. Shen Pei ordered the people of Calvary. Or Calvary safety the to Inhabitation ground. All disaster and Xijie quench. Ananda. Everywhere, Homeland beings, with the break this oath, Denon joy, wind and rain along the five Gufeng Yin, Zhao Shu Lok. Abuzz can all evil in the town of Star, strange change with the square. Disaster impaired can not afford. No chess yao. Handcuffs mechanical shackles vain body. The day and night sleep, often without nightmares.

Ananda. Corrupt sector, eighty-four thousand catastrophic evil star. Twenty eight evil star’s first. The complex has eight evil star that its main. The various shaped the world, to be living in the beings various Catastrophist. Break this oath to the the Xijie pin off. The twelve Youxun into enchantment ground. Evil with disaster Cheung Wing will not be admitted. Therefore if to proclaim to break this oath, the future of the world, protecting the beginner Zhu practitioner into three Moti, the soul, too large Anyin. More free of all Zhumo spirits, and no beginning to the injustice cross places calamity old industry CHAN debt, to phase angry harm. Yu and Zhu in the public school people, and the World Zhu practitioner, in accordance with the precepts of my mandala such as France, are ordained of the Lord, every pure monk to break this oath heart, no doubt regret. Good man, this body of born to parents, not the heart through the ten Tathagata will to lie.   Said that the language has. Will be immeasurable in the heavenly King, and sometimes the palms bowed before the Buddha, the white Buddha: If the Buddha says. Me sincerely protection case repair Bodhi. Er Shi Fan Wang, and Indra of days, four days King in front of the Buddha at the same time prostrated white Buddha: trial like Education kindness, dedication and sincerity to protect, make life made ​​to do so. Complex the immeasurable Yaocha general, Zhu Rakshasa king, Fu Shan that the king, the dove nirvana King of Tea, to Vaisali cover king, the frequency of night Buddha, Zhu King of Ghosts, Ji Zhu handsome devil, also palms bowed before the Buddha. I have also pledged themselves to achieve, mostly from people, the Bodhicitta speed was satisfactory. Complex rain division the immeasurable emperor of the sun and the moon, the wind division, cloud division Lei division, and power Peter, etc., Inspector of age, the dependents of all stars, also will bow to the Buddha foot, while the white Buddha: I would also protect the practitioner Anritsu temple have nothing to fear. Complex has immeasurable mountain god Poseidon, and all land surface and air line, of all things fine just before the and Fengshen king of the formless days, Yu Rulai while to Jishou but white Buddha: I would also protect the practitioner, get into the Buddha, never The magic thing. Ershi eighty-four thousand that he Henghe Sha Ju callosum Diamond Store Bodhisattva, in the General Assembly, that is, from his seat, bow to the Buddha foot white Buddha: the Buddha. As I waited for generation repair exploits, long into the Bodhi, do not take Nirvana, often with a break this oath, ambulance the eschatology repair three Moti practitioner. Blessed One. The case of cultivation of the mind to seek definite people, settlement in the dojo and I through the line, and even relax game, my followers, often when the entourage bodyguard. The large comfortable Zongling devil days, seek their convenience, the end may not be available. Zhu spirits, go to this good man Youxun outside 10. In addition to he the heart and music meditation. Blessed One. Case, if the devil magic dependents want to interfere is a good man. I treasure pestle perish broken, like dust. Constant, this man is made ​​to do so.

—- From “sutra Juan Qi



(001) nā mó sà dá tuō. sū qié duō yē. ā là hē dì. sān miǎo sān pú tuó xiě。
南 无 萨 怛 他. 苏 伽 多 耶. 阿 啰 诃 帝. 三 藐 三 菩 陀 写。

(002) nā mó sà dá tuō. fó tuó jù zhī sè ní shān。
南 无 萨 怛 他. 佛 陀 俱 胝 瑟 尼 钐。

(003) nā mó sà pó. bó tuó bó dì. sà duò pí bì。
南 无 萨 婆. 勃 陀 勃 地. 萨 跢 鞞 弊。

(004) nā mó sà duō nán. sān miǎo sān pú tuó. jù zhī nán。
南 无 萨 多 南. 三 藐 三 菩 陀. 俱 知 喃。

(005) suō shě là pó jiā. sēng qié nán。
娑 舍 啰 婆 迦. 僧 伽 喃。

(006) nā mó lú jī ā luó hàn duò nán。
南 无 卢 鸡 阿 罗 汉 哆 喃。

(007) nā mó sū lú duō bō nuó nán。
南 无 苏 卢 多 波 那 喃。

(008) nā mó suō jié lī tuó qié mí nán。
南 无 娑 羯 唎 陀 伽 弥 喃。

(009) nā mó lú jī sān miǎo qié duò nán。
南 无 卢 鸡 三 藐 伽 哆 喃。

(010) sān miǎo qié bō là. dǐ bō duō nuó nán。
三 藐 伽 波 啰. 底 波 多 那 喃。

(011) nā mó tí pó lí sè nǎn。
南 无 提 婆 离 瑟 赧。

(012) nā mó xī tuó yē. pí dì yē. tuó là lí sè nǎn。
南 无 悉 陀 耶. 毗 地 耶. 陀 啰 离 瑟 赧。

(013) shě bō nú. jiē là hē. suō hē suō là mó tuō nán。
舍 波 奴. 揭 啰 诃. 娑 诃 娑 啰 摩 他 喃。

(014) nā mó bá là hē mó ní。
南 无 跋 啰 诃 摩 尼。

(015) nā mó yīn tuó là yē。
南 无 因 陀 啰 耶。

(016) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(017) lú tuó là yē。
嚧 陀 啰 耶。

(018) wū mó bō dì。
乌 摩 般 帝。

(019) suō xī yè yē。
娑 醯 夜 耶。

(020) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(021) nuó là yě ná yē。
那 啰 野 拏 耶。

(022) pán zhē mó hē.sān mù tuó là。
盘 遮 摩 诃.三 慕 陀 啰。

(023) nā mó xī jié lī duō yē。
南 无 悉 羯 唎 多 耶。

(024) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(025) mó hē jiā là yē。
摩 诃 迦 啰 耶。

(026) dì lī bō là nuó qié là。
地 唎 般 剌 那 伽 啰。

(027) pí tuó là.bō ná jiā là yē。
毗 陀 啰.波 拏 迦 啰 耶。

(028) ā dì mù dì。
阿 地 目 帝。

(029) shī mó shě nuó ní.pó xī ní。
尸 摩 舍 那 泥.婆 悉 泥。

(030) mó dá lī qié ná。
摩 怛 唎 伽 拏。

(031) nā mó xī jié lī duō yē。
南 无 悉 羯 唎 多 耶。

(032) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(033) duō tuō qié duò jù là yē。
多 他 伽 跢 俱 啰 耶。

(034) nā mó bō tóu mó.jù là yē。
南 无 般 头 摩.俱 啰 耶。

(035) nā mó bá shé là.jù là yē。
南 无 跋 阇 啰.俱 啰 耶。

(036) nā mó mó ní jù là yē。
南 无 摩 尼 俱 啰 耶。

(037) nā mó qié shé jù là yē。
南 无 伽 阇 俱 啰 耶。

(038) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(039) dì lī chá. shū là xī nuó。
帝 唎 茶. 输 啰 西 那。

(040) bō là hē là ná là shé yē。
波 啰 诃 啰 拏 啰 阇 耶。

(041) duò tuō qié duō yē。
跢 他 伽 多 耶。

(042) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(043) nā mó ā mí duō pó yē。
南 无 阿 弥 多 婆 耶。

(044) duò tuō qié duō yē。
跢 他 伽 多 耶。

(045) ā là hē dì。
阿 啰 诃 帝。

(046) sān miǎo sān pú tuó yē。
三 藐 三 菩 陀 耶。

(047) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(048) ā chú pí yē。
阿 刍 鞞 耶。

(049) duò tuō qié duō yē。
跢 他 伽 多 耶。

(050) ā là hē dì。
阿 啰 诃 帝。

(051) sān miǎo sān pú tuó yē。
三 藐 三 菩 陀 耶。

(052) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(053) pí shā shé yē jù lú fèi zhù lī yē。
鞞 沙 阇 耶 俱 卢 吠 柱 唎 耶。

(054) bō là pó là shé yē。
般 啰 婆 啰 阇 耶。

(055) duò tuō qié duō yē。
跢 他 伽 多 耶。

(056) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(057) sān bǔ shī bì duō。
三 补 师 毖 多。

(058) sà lián nà là.là shé yē。
萨 怜 捺 啰.剌 阇 耶。

(059) duò tuō qié duō yē。
跢 他 伽 多 耶。

(060) ā là hē dì。
阿 啰 诃 帝。

(061) sān miǎo sān pú tuó yē。
三 藐 三 菩 陀 耶。

(062) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(063) shě jī yě. mǔ nà yè。
舍 鸡 野. 母 那 曳。

(064) duò tuō qié duō yē。
跢 他 伽 多 耶。

(065) ā là hē dì。
阿 啰 诃 帝。

(066) sān miǎo sān pú tuó yē。
三 藐 三 菩 陀 耶。

(067) nā mó pó qié pó dì。
南 无 婆 伽 婆 帝。

(068) là dá nuó. jī dū là shé yē。
剌 怛 那. 鸡 都 啰 阇 耶。

(069) duò tuō qié duō yē。
跢 他 伽 多 耶。

(070) ā là hē dì。
阿 啰 诃 帝。

(071) sān miǎo sān pú tuó yē。
三 藐 三 菩 陀 耶。

(072) dì piáo. nā mó sà jié lī duō。
帝 瓢. 南 无 萨 羯 唎 多。

(073) yì tán pó qié pó duō。
翳 昙 婆 伽 婆 多。

(074) sà dá tuō. qié dū sè ní shān。
萨 怛 他. 伽 都 瑟 尼 钐。

(075) sà dá duō. bō dá lán。
萨 怛 多. 般 怛 嚂。

(076) nā mó ā pó là shì dān。
南 无 阿 婆 啰 视 耽。

(077) bō là dì yáng qí là。
般 啰 帝 扬 歧 啰。

(078) sà là pó bù duō. jiē là hē。
萨 啰 婆 部 多. 揭 啰 诃。

(079) ní jiē là hē. jié jiā là hē ní。
尼 揭 啰 诃. 羯 迦 啰 诃 尼。

(080) bá là bì dì yē. chì tuó nǐ。
跋 啰 毖 地 耶. 叱 陀 你。

(081) ā jiā là mì lī zhù。
阿 迦 啰 密 唎 柱。

(082) bō lī dá là yē. níng jiē lī。
般 唎 怛 啰 耶. 儜 揭 唎。

(083) sà là pó. pán tuó nuó. mù chā ní。
萨 啰 婆. 盘 陀 那. 目 叉 尼。

(084) sà là pó. tū sè zhà。
萨 啰 婆. 突 瑟 咤。

(085) tū xī fá. bō nuó nǐ fá là ní。
突 悉 乏. 般 那 你 伐 啰 尼。

(086) zhě dū là shī dì nán。
赭 都 啰 失 帝 南。

(087) jié là hē. suō hē sà là ruò shé。
羯 啰 诃. 娑 诃 萨 啰 若 阇。

(088) pí duō bēng. suō nuó jié lī。
毗 多 崩. 娑 那 羯 唎。

(089) ā sè zhà bīng shě dì nán。
阿 瑟 咤 冰 舍 帝 南。

(090) nuó chā chà dá là ruò shé。
那 叉 剎 怛 啰 若 阇。

(091) bō là sà tuó nuó jié lī。
波 啰 萨 陀 那 羯 唎。

(092) ā sè zhà nán。
阿 瑟 咤 南。

(093) mó hē jié là hē ruò shé。
摩 诃 揭 啰 诃 若 阇。

(094) pí duō bēng. sà nuó jié lī。
毗 多 崩. 萨 那 羯 唎。

(095) sà pó shě dū lú nǐ pó là ruò shé。
萨 婆 舍 都 嚧 你 婆 啰 若 阇。

(096) hū lán tū xī fá. nán zhē nuó shě ní。
呼 蓝 突 悉 乏. 难 遮 那 舍 尼。

(097) bì shā shě. xī dá là。
毖 沙 舍. 悉 怛 啰。

(098) ā jí ní. wū tuó jiā là ruò shé。
阿 吉 尼. 乌 陀 迦 啰 若 阇。

(099) ā bō là shì duō jù là。
阿 般 啰 视 多 具 啰。

(100) mó hē bō là zhàn chí。
摩 诃 般 啰 战 持。
(101) mó hē dié duō。
摩 诃 迭 多。

(102) mó hē dì shé。
摩 诃 帝 阇。

(103) mó hē shuì duō shé pó là。
摩 诃 税 多 阇 婆 啰。

(104) mó hē bá là pán tuó là pó xī nǐ。
摩 诃 跋 啰 盘 陀 啰 婆 悉 你。

(105) ā lī yē duō là。
阿 唎 耶 多 啰。

(106) pí lī jù zhī。
毗 唎 俱 知。

(107) shì pó pí shé yē。
誓 婆 毗 阇 耶。

(108) bá shé là.mó lǐ dǐ。
跋 阇 啰.摩 礼 底。

(109) pí shě lú duō。
毗 舍 嚧 多。

(110) bó téng wǎng jiā。
勃 腾 罔 迦。

(111) bá shé là.zhì hē nuó ē zhē。
跋 阇 啰.制 喝 那 阿 遮。

(112) mó là zhì pó. bō là zhì duō。
摩 啰 制 婆. 般 啰 质 多。

(113) bá shé là chàn chí。
跋 阇 啰 擅 持。

(114) pí shě là zhē。
毗 舍 啰 遮。

(115) shàn duō shě. pí tí pó.bǔ shì duō。
扇 多 舍. 鞞 提 婆.补 视 多。

(116) sū mó lú bō。
苏 摩 嚧 波。

(117) mó hē shuì duō。
摩 诃 税 多。

(118) ā lī yē duō là。
阿 唎 耶 多 啰。

(119) mó hē pó là ā bō là。
摩 诃 婆 啰 阿 般 啰。

(120) bá shé là.shāng jié là zhì pó。
跋 阇 啰.商 揭 啰 制 婆。

(121) bá shé là jù mó lī。
跋 阇 啰 俱 摩 唎。

(122) jù lán tuó lī。
俱 蓝 陀 唎。

(123) bá shé là.hē sà duō zhē。
跋 阇 啰.喝 萨 多 遮。

(124) pí dì yē.qián zhē nuó. mó lī jiā。
毗 地 耶.干 遮 那. 摩 唎 迦。

(125) kǔ sū mǔ.pó jié là duò nuó。
啒 苏 母.婆 羯 啰 多 那。

(126) pí lú zhē nuó jù lī yē。
鞞 嚧 遮 那 俱 唎 耶。

(127) yè là tú sè ní shān。
夜 啰 菟 瑟 尼 钐。

(128) pí zhē lán pó.mó ní zhē。
毗 折 蓝 婆.摩 尼 遮。

(129) bá shé là.jiā nuó jiā bō là pó。
跋 阇 啰.迦 那 迦 波 啰 婆。

(130) lú shé nuó bá shé là.dùn zhì zhē。
嚧 阇 那 跋 阇 啰.顿 稚 遮。

(131) shuì duō zhē. jiā mó là。
税 多 遮. 迦 摩 啰。

(132) chà shē shī. bō là pó。
剎 奢 尸. 波 啰 婆。

(133) yì dì yí dì。
翳 帝 夷 帝。

(134) mǔ tuó là jié ná。
母 陀 啰 羯 拏。

(135) suō pí là chàn。
娑 鞞 啰 忏。

(136) jué fàn dū。
掘 梵 都。

(137) yìn tù nuó. mó mó xiě。
印 兔 那. 么 么 写。


(138) wū xīn。
乌 昕。

(139) lī sè jiē ná。
唎 瑟 揭 拏。

(140) bō là shě xī duō。
般 剌 舍 悉 多。

(141) sà dá tuō. qié dū sè ní shān。
萨 怛 他. 伽 都 瑟 尼 钐。

(142) hǔ xīn。
虎 昕。

(143) dū lú yōng。
都 卢 雍。

(144) zhān pó nuó。
瞻 婆 那。

(145) hǔ xīn。
虎 昕。

(146) dū lú yōng。
都 卢 雍。

(147) xī dān pó nuó。
悉 耽 婆 那。

(148) hǔ xīn。
虎 昕。

(149) dū lú yōng。
都 卢 雍。

(150) bō là sè dì yē.sān bō chā. ná jié là。
波 啰 瑟 地 耶.三 般 叉. 拏 羯 啰。

(151) hǔ xīn。
虎 昕。

(152) dū lú yōng。
都 卢 雍。

(153) sà pó yào chā. hē là chà suō。
萨 婆 药 叉. 喝 啰 剎 娑。

(154) jiē là hē ruò shé。
揭 啰 诃 若 阇。

(155) pí téng bēng. sà nuó jié là。
毗 腾 崩. 萨 那 羯 啰。

(156) hǔ xīn。
虎 昕。

(157) dū lú yōng。
都 卢 雍。

(158) zhě dū là.shī dǐ nán。
者 都 啰.尸 底 南。

(159) jiē là hē.suō hē sà là nán。
揭 啰 诃.娑 诃 萨 啰 南。

(160) pí téng bēng. sà nuó là。
毗 腾 崩. 萨 那 啰。

(161) hǔ xīn。
虎 昕。

(162) dū lú yōng。
都 卢 雍。

(163) là chā。
啰 叉。

(164) pó qié fàn。
婆 伽 梵。

(165) sà dá tuō. qié dū sè ní shān。
萨 怛 他. 伽 都 瑟 尼 钐。

(166) bō là diǎn shé jí lī。
波 啰 点 阇 吉 唎。

(167) mó hē suō hē sà là。
摩 诃 娑 诃 萨 啰。

(168) bó shù suō hē sà là.shì lī shā。
勃 树 娑 诃 萨 啰.室 唎 沙。

(169) jù zhī suō hē sà ní dì lí。
俱 知 娑 诃 萨 泥 帝 篱。

(170) ā bì tí shì pó lī duō。
阿 弊 提 视 婆 唎 多。

(171) zhà zhà yīng jiā。
咤 咤 罂 迦。

(172) mó hē bá shé lú tuó là。
摩 诃 跋 阇 嚧 陀 啰。

(173) dì lī pú pó nuó。
帝 唎 菩 婆 那。

(174) màn chá là。
曼 茶 啰。

(175) wū xīn。
乌 昕。

(176) suō xī dì bù pó dū。
娑 悉 帝 薄 婆 都。

(177) mó mó。
么 么。

(178) yìn tù nuó mó mó xiě。
印 兔 那 么 么 写。


(179) là shé pó yè。
啰 阇 婆 夜。

(180) zhǔ là bá yè。
主 啰 跋 夜。

(181) ā qí ní pó yè。
阿 祇 尼 婆 夜。

(182) wū tuó jiā pó yè。
乌 陀 迦 婆 夜。

(183) pí shā pó yè。
毗 沙 婆 夜。

(184) shě sà duō là pó yè。
舍 萨 多 啰 婆 夜。

(185) pó là zhuó jié là pó yè。
婆 啰 斫 羯 啰 婆 夜。

(186) tū sè chā pó yè。
突 瑟 叉 婆 夜。

(187) ā shě nǐ pó yè。
阿 舍 你 婆 夜。

(188) ā jiā là.mì lī zhù pó yè。
阿 迦 啰.密 唎 柱 婆 夜。

(189) tuó luó ní bù mí jiàn. bō qié bō tuó pó yè。
陀 啰 尼 部 弥 剑. 波 伽 波 陀 婆 夜。

(190) wū là jiā pó duō pó yè。
乌 啰 迦 婆 多 婆 夜。

(191) là shé tán chá pó yè。
剌 阇 坛 茶 婆 夜。

(192) nuó qié pó yè。
那 伽 婆 夜。

(193) pí tiáo dá pó yè。
毗 条 怛 婆 夜。

(194) sū bō là ná pó yè。
苏 波 啰 拏 婆 夜。

(195) yào chā jiē là hē。
药 叉 揭 啰 诃。

(196) là chā sī.jiē là hē。
啰 叉 私.揭 啰 诃。

(197) bì lī duō. jiē là hē。
毕 唎 多. 揭 啰 诃。

(198) pí shě zhē. jiē là hē。
毗 舍 遮. 揭 啰 诃。

(199) bù duō jiē là hē。
部 多 揭 啰 诃。

(200) jiū pán chá. jiē là hē。
鸠 盘 茶. 揭 啰 诃。

(201) bǔ dān nuó. jiē là hē。
补 单 那. 揭 啰 诃。

(202) jiā zhà bǔ dān nuó. jiē là hē。
迦 咤 补 单 那. 揭 啰 诃。

(203) xī qián dù.jiē là hē。
悉 干 度.揭 啰 诃。

(204) ā bō xī mó là.jiē là hē。
阿 播 悉 摩 啰.揭 啰 诃。

(205) wū tán mó tuó. jiē là hē。
乌 檀 摩 陀. 揭 啰 诃。

(206) chē yè jiē là hē。
车 夜 揭 啰 诃。

(207) xī lī pó dì.jiē là hē。
醯 唎 婆 帝.揭 啰 诃。

(208) shè duō hē lī nán。
社 多 诃 唎 南。

(209) jiē pó hē lī nán。
揭 婆 诃 唎 南。

(210) lú dì là.hē lī nán。
嚧 地 啰.诃 唎 南。

(211) máng suō hē lī nán。
忙 娑 诃 唎 南。

(212) mí tuó hē lī nán。
谜 陀 诃 唎 南。

(213) mó shé hē lī nán。
摩 阇 诃 唎 南。

(214) shé duō hē lī nǚ。
阇 多 诃 唎 女。

(215) shì bǐ duō hē lī nán。
视 比 多 诃 唎 南。

(216) pí duō hē lī nán。
毗 多 诃 唎 南。

(217) pó duō hē lī nán。
婆 多 诃 唎 南。

(218) ā shū zhē hē lī nǚ。
阿 输 遮 诃 唎 女。

(219) zhì duō hē lī nǚ。
质 多 诃 唎 女。

(220) dì shān sà pí shān。
帝 钐 萨 鞞 钐。

(221) sà pó jiē là hē nán。
萨 婆 揭 啰 诃 南。

(222) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 耶 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(223) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(224) bō lī bá là zhě jiā. qì lī dān。
波 唎 跋 啰 者 迦. 讫 唎 担。

(225) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(226) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(227) chá yǎn ní.qì lī dān。
茶 演 尼.讫 唎 担。

(228) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(229) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(230) mó hē bō shū bō dá yè。
摩 诃 般 输 般 怛 夜。

(231) lú tuó là.qì lī dān。
嚧 陀 啰.讫 唎 担。

(232) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(233) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(234) nuó là yè ná.qì lī dān。
那 啰 夜 拏.讫 唎 担。

(235) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(236) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(237) dá duǒ qié lú chá xī.qì lī dān。
怛 埵 伽 嚧 茶 西.讫 唎 担。

(238) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(239) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(240) mó hē jiā là.mó dá lī qié ná.qì lī dān。
摩 诃 迦 啰.摩 怛 唎 伽 拏.讫 唎 担。

(241) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(242) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(243) jiā bō lī jiā. qì lī dān。
迦 波 唎 迦. 讫 唎 担。

(244) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(245) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(246) shé yè jié là.mó dù jié là。
阇 夜 羯 啰.摩 度 羯 啰。

(247) sà pó là tuō suō dá nuó. qì lī dān。
萨 婆 啰 他 娑 达 那. 讫 唎 担。

(248) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(249) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(250) zhě duō là.pó qí nǐ.qì lī dān。
赭 咄 啰.婆 耆 你.讫 唎 担。

(251) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(252) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(253) pí lī yáng. qì lī zhī。
毗 唎 羊. 讫 唎 知。

(254) nán tuó jī shā là.qié ná bō dì。
难 陀 鸡 沙 啰.伽 拏 般 帝。

(255) suǒ xī yè.qì lī dān。
索 醯 夜.讫 唎 担。

(256) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(257) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(258) nuó jiē nuó. shě là pó ná.qì lī dān。
那 揭 那. 舍 啰 婆 拏.讫 唎 担。

(259) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(260) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(261) ā luó hàn. qì lī dān pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
阿 罗 汉. 讫 唎 担 毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(262) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(263) pí duō là qié. qì lī dān。
毗 多 啰 伽. 讫 唎 担。

(264) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(265) jī là yè mí bá shé là bō nǐ。
鸡 啰 夜 弥 跋 阇 啰 波 你。

(266) jù xī yè.jù xī yè。
具 醯 夜.具 醯 夜。

(267) jiā dì bō dì.qì lī dān。
迦 地 般 帝.讫 唎 担。

(268) pí tuó yè shé. chēn tuó yè mí。
毗 陀 夜 阇. 嗔 陀 夜 弥。

(269) jī là yè mí。
鸡 啰 夜 弥。

(270) là chā wǎng。
啰 叉 罔。

(271) pó qié fàn。
婆 伽 梵。

(272) yìn tù nuó. mó mó xiě。
印 兔 那. 么 么 写。


(273) pó qié fàn。
婆 伽 梵。

(274) sà dá duō. bō dá là。
萨 怛 多. 般 怛 啰。

(275) nā mó cuì dū dì。
南 无 粹 都 帝。

(276) ā xī duō. nuó là là jiā。
阿 悉 多. 那 啰 剌 迦。

(277) bō là pó.xī pǔ zhà。
波 啰 婆.悉 普 咤。

(278) pí jiā sà dá duō. bō dì lī。
毗 迦 萨 怛 多. 钵 帝 唎。

(279) shí fó là.shí fó là。
什 佛 啰.什 佛 啰。

(280) tuó là tuó là。
陀 啰 陀 啰。

(281) pín tuó là.pín tuó là.chēn tuó chēn tuó。
频 陀 啰.频 陀 啰.嗔 陀 嗔 陀。

(282) hǔ xīn。
虎 昕。

(283) hǔ xīn。
虎 昕。

(284) pàn zhà。
泮 咤。

(285) pàn zhà pàn zhà pàn zhà pàn zhà。
泮 咤 泮 咤 泮 咤 泮 咤。

(286) suō hē。
娑 诃。

(287) xī xī pàn。
醯 醯 泮。

(288) ā móu jiā yē pàn。
阿 牟 迦 耶 泮。

(289) ā bō là.tí hē duō pàn。
阿 波 啰.提 诃 多 泮。

(290) pó là bō là tuó pàn。
婆 啰 波 啰 陀 泮。

(291) ā sù là.pí tuó là.bō jiā pàn。
阿 素 啰.毗 陀 啰.波 迦 泮。

(292) sà pó tí pí bì pàn。
萨 婆 提 鞞 弊 泮。

(293) sà pó nuó qié bì pàn。
萨 婆 那 伽 弊 泮。

(294) sà pó yào chā bì pàn。
萨 婆 药 叉 弊 泮。

(295) sà pó qián tà pó bì pàn。
萨 婆 干 闼 婆 弊 泮。

(296) sà pó bǔ dān nuó bì pàn。
萨 婆 补 丹 那 弊 泮。

(297) jiā zhà bǔ dān nuó bì pàn。
迦 咤 补 丹 那 弊 泮。

(298) sà pó tū láng zhǐ dì bì pàn。
萨 婆 突 狼 枳 帝 弊 泮。

(299) sà pó tū sè bǐ lí.qì sè dì bì pàn。
萨 婆 突 涩 比 犁.讫 瑟 帝 弊 泮。

(300) sà pó shí pó lí bì pàn。
萨 婆 什 婆 利 弊 泮。

(301) sà pó ā bō xī mó lí bì pàn。
萨 婆 阿 播 悉 么 犂 弊 泮。

(302) sà pó shě là pó ná bì pàn。
萨 婆 舍 啰 婆 拏 弊 泮。

(303) sà pó dì dì jī bì pàn。
萨 婆 地 帝 鸡 弊 泮。

(304) sà pó dá mó tuó jì bì pàn。
萨 婆 怛 摩 陀 继 弊 泮。

(305) sà pó pí tuó yē.là shì zhē lí bì pàn。
萨 婆 毗 陀 耶.啰 誓 遮 犂 弊 泮。

(306) shé yè jié là.mó dù jié là。
阇 夜 羯 啰.摩 度 羯 啰。

(307) sà pó là tuō suō tuó jī bì pàn。
萨 婆 啰 他 娑 陀 鸡 弊 泮。

(308) pí dì yè.zhē lī bì pàn。
毗 地 夜.遮 唎 弊 泮。

(309) zhě dū là.fù qí nǐ bì pàn。
者 都 啰.缚 耆 你 弊 泮。

(310) bá shé là.jù mó lī。
跋 阇 啰.俱 摩 唎。

(311) pí tuó yè.là shì bì pàn。
毗 陀 夜.啰 誓 弊 泮。

(312) mó hē bō là dīng yáng. yì qí lī bì pàn。
摩 诃 波 啰 丁 羊. 乂 耆 唎 弊 泮。

(313) bá shé là.shāng jié là yè。
跋 阇 啰.商 羯 啰 夜。

(314) bō là zhàng qí.là shé yē pàn。
波 啰 丈 耆.啰 阇 耶 泮。

(315) mó hē jiā là yè。
摩 诃 迦 啰 夜。

(316) mó hē mò dá lī jiā ná。
摩 诃 末 怛 唎 迦 拏。

(317) nā mó suō jié lī duō yè pàn。
南 无 娑 羯 唎 多 夜 泮。

(318) bì sè ná pí yè pàn。
毖 瑟 拏 婢 曳 泮。

(319) bó là hē móu ní yè pàn。
勃 啰 诃 牟 尼 曳 泮。

(320) ā qí ní yè pàn。
阿 耆 尼 曳 泮。

(321) mó hē jié lī yè pàn。
摩 诃 羯 唎 曳 泮。

(322) jié là tán chí yè pàn。
羯 啰 檀 迟 曳 泮。

(323) miè dá lī yè pàn。
蔑 怛 唎 曳 泮。

(324) lào dá lī yè pàn。
唠 怛 唎 曳 泮。

(325) zhē wén chá yè pàn。
遮 文 茶 曳 泮。

(326) jié luó là dá lī yè pàn。
羯 逻 啰 怛 唎 曳 泮。

(327) jiā bō lī yè pàn。
迦 般 唎 曳 泮。

(328) ā dì mù zhì duō. jiā shī mó shě nuó。
阿 地 目 质 多. 迦 尸 摩 舍 那。

(329) pó sī nǐ yè pàn。
婆 私 你 曳 泮。

(330) yǎn jí zhì。
演 吉 质。

(331) sà duǒ pó xiě。
萨 埵 婆 写。

(332) mó mó yìn tù nuó mó mó xiě。
么 么 印 兔 那 么 么 写。


(333) tū sè zhà zhì duō。
突 瑟 咤 质 多。

(334) ā mò dá lī zhì duō。
阿 末 怛 唎 质 多。

(335) wū shé hē là。
乌 阇 诃 啰。

(336) qié pó hē là。
伽 婆 诃 啰。

(337) lú dì là hē là。
嚧 地 啰 诃 啰。

(338) pó suō hē là。
婆 娑 诃 啰。

(339) mó shé hē là。
摩 阇 诃 啰。

(340) shé duō hē là。
阇 多 诃 啰。

(341) shì bì duō hē là。
视 毖 多 诃 啰。

(342) bá lüè yè hē là。
跋 略 夜 诃 啰。

(343) qián tuó hē là。
干 陀 诃 啰。

(344) bù shǐ bō hē là。
布 史 波 诃 啰。

(345) pō là hē là。
颇 啰 诃 啰。

(346) pó xiě hē là。
婆 写 诃 啰。

(347) bō bō zhì duō。
般 波 质 多。

(348) tū sè zhà zhì duō。
突 瑟 咤 质 多。

(349) lào tuó là zhì duō。
唠 陀 啰 质 多。

(350) yào chā jiē là hē。
药 叉 揭 啰 诃。

(351) là chà suō. jiē là hē。
啰 剎 娑. 揭 啰 诃。

(352) bì lí duō. jiē là hē。
闭 篱 多. 揭 啰 诃。

(353) pí shě zhē. jiē là hē。
毗 舍 遮. 揭 啰 诃。

(354) bù duō jiē là hē。
部 多 揭 啰 诃。

(355) jiū pán chá. jiē là hē。
鸠 盘 茶. 揭 啰 诃。

(356) xī qián tuó. jiē là hē。
悉 干 陀. 揭 啰 诃。

(357) wū dá mó tuó. jiē là hē。
乌 怛 摩 陀. 揭 啰 诃。

(358) chē yè jiē là hē。
车 夜 揭 啰 诃。

(359) ā bō sà mó là.jiē là hē。
阿 播 萨 摩 啰.揭 啰 诃。

(360) zhái qū gé.chá qí ní.jiē là hē。
宅 袪 革.茶 耆 尼.揭 啰 诃。

(361) lī fó dì.jiē là hē。
唎 佛 帝.揭 啰 诃。

(362) shé mí jiā. jiē là hē。
阇 弥 迦. 揭 啰 诃。

(363) shě jù ní.jiē là hē。
舍 俱 尼.揭 啰 诃。

(364) lǎo tuó là nán dì jiā. jiē là hē。
姥 陀 啰 难 地 迦. 揭 啰 诃。

(365) ā lán pó.jiē là hē。
阿 蓝 婆.揭 啰 诃。

(366) qián dù bō ní.jiē là hē。
干 度 波 尼.揭 啰 诃。

(367) shí fá là.yīn jiā xī jiā。
什 伐 啰.堙 迦 醯 迦。

(368) zhuì dì yào jiā。
坠 帝 药 迦。

(369) dá lí dì yào jiā。
怛 篱 帝 药 迦。

(370) zhě tū tuō jiā。
者 突 托 迦。

(371) ní tí shí fá là.bì shān mó.shí fá là。
尼 提 什 伐 啰.毖 钐 摩.什 伐 啰。

(372) bù dǐ jiā。
薄 底 迦。

(373) bí dǐ jiā。
鼻 底 迦。

(374) shì lì sè mì jiā。
室 隶 瑟 密 迦。

(375) suō nǐ bō dì jiā。
娑 你 般 帝 迦。

(376) sà pó shí fá là。
萨 婆 什 伐 啰。

(377) shì lú jí dì。
室 嚧 吉 帝。

(378) mò tuó pí dá lú zhì jiàn。
末 陀 鞞 达 嚧 制 剑。

(379) ā qǐ lú qián。
阿 绮 嚧 钳。

(380) mù qié lú qián。
目 佉 嚧 钳。

(381) jié lī tū lú qián。
羯 唎 突 嚧 钳。

(382) jiē là hē.jiē lán。
揭 啰 诃.羯 蓝。

(383) jié ná shū lán。
羯 拏 输 蓝。

(384) dàn duō shū lán。
惮 多 输 蓝。

(385) qì lī yè shū lán。
迄 唎 夜 输 蓝。

(386) mò mò shū lán。
末 么 输 蓝。

(387) bá lī shì pó shū lán。
跋 唎 室 婆 输 蓝。

(388) bì lì sè zhà shū lán。
毖 栗 瑟 咤 输 蓝。

(389) wū tuó là shū lán。
乌 陀 啰 输 蓝。

(390) jié zhī shū lán。
羯 知 输 蓝。

(391) bá xī dì shū lán。
跋 悉 帝 输 蓝。

(392) wū lú shū lán。
邬 嚧 输 蓝。

(393) cháng qié shū lán。
常 伽 输 蓝。

(394) hē xī duō shū lán。
喝 悉 多 输 蓝。

(395) bá tuó shū lán。
跋 陀 输 蓝。

(396) suō fáng yàng qié. bō là zhàng qié shū lán。
娑 房 盎 伽. 般 啰 丈 伽 输 蓝。

(397) bù duō bì duò chá。
部 多 毖 哆 茶。

(398) chá qí ní.shí pó là。
茶 耆 尼.什 婆 啰。

(399) tuó tū lú jiā. jiàn duō lú jí zhī. pó lù duō pí。
陀 突 嚧 迦. 建 咄 嚧 吉 知. 婆 路 多 毗。

(400) sà bō lú hē líng qié。
萨 般 嚧 诃 凌 伽。

(401) shū shā dá là suō nuó jié là。
输 沙 怛 啰 娑 那 羯 啰。

(402) pí shā yù jiā。
毗 沙 喻 迦。

(403) ā qí ní.wū tuó jiā。
阿 耆 尼.乌 陀 迦。

(404) mò là pí là jiàn duò là。
末 啰 鞞 啰 建 跢 啰。

(405) ā jiā là mì lī duō. dá liǎn bù jiā。
阿 迦 啰 密 唎 咄. 怛 敛 部 迦。

(406) dì lì là zhà。
地 栗 剌 咤。

(407) bì lī sè zhì jiā。
毖 唎 瑟 质 迦。

(408) sà pó nuó jù là。
萨 婆 那 俱 啰。

(409) sì yǐn qié bì.jiē là lī yào chā. dá là chú。
肆 引 伽 弊.揭 啰 唎 药 叉. 怛 啰 刍。

(410) mò là shì. fèi dì shān. suō pí shān。
末 啰 视. 吠 帝 钐. 娑 鞞 钐。

(411) xī dá duō. bō dá là。
悉 怛 多. 钵 怛 啰。

(412) mó hē bá shé lú sè ní shān。
摩 诃 跋 阇 嚧 瑟 尼 钐。

(413) mó hē bō lài zhàng qí lán。
摩 诃 般 赖 丈 耆 蓝。

(414) yè bō tū tuó. shě yù shé nuó。
夜 波 突 陀. 舍 喻 阇 那。

(415) biàn dá lí ná。
辫 怛 篱 拏。

(416) pí tuó yē.pán tán jiā lú mí。
毗 陀 耶.盘 昙 迦 嚧 弥。

(417) dì shū. pán tán jiā lú mí。
帝 殊. 盘 昙 迦 嚧 弥。

(418) bō là pí tuó. pán tán jiā lú mí。
般 啰 毘 陀. 盘 昙 迦 嚧 弥。

(419) duò zhí tuō。
哆 侄 他。

(420) ǎn。

(421) ā nuó lí。
阿 那 篱。

(422) pí shě tí。
毗 舍 提。

(423) pí là bá shé là tuó lī。
鞞 啰 跋 阇 啰 陀 唎。

(424) pán tuó pán tuó nǐ。
盘 陀 盘 陀 你。

(425) bá shé là.bàng ní pàn。
跋 阇 啰.谤 尼 泮。

(426) hǔ xīn dū lú yin pàn。
虎 昕 都 嚧 瓮 泮。

(427) suō pó hē。
莎 婆 诃。

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Sutra – monk Discovery   
even if others can say this by Wu Yi respect for the Buddha. On the contrary, even if the Buddha are now available at the “sutra” Apocrypha, we are also regarded as the magic that can carry!
Ming the Hasuike Zhu macro master (1532-1612)

Dharma Ending Age, you go visit good mentor? Familiar with a “sutra” is better, practice there is sure to be able to ensure sui mourning save the message evil edge to make it physically and mentally, into Buddhism known see, from this achievement, not being the Crossroads! In my humble opinion, the best designed to read a “sutra”, as long as the body is familiar with, do not have to look at the comments, read the can back and will be able to before the text solution text after text solution before. Through the ordinary until the Buddha, by the merciless to sentient beings, mountains and rivers of the earth, the four holy six where repair permit Confusion and governing causal precepts of detail in that to do so familiar with the “sutra” very interest.
Modern Zen dean Xuyun old monk (1840-1959)

The Venerable Master is the most pro-modern Zen major achievement Xuyun old monk disciples, Wei Yang were ninth generation descendant. Venerable meditation subject, but the Pure Land Buddha Lotus to facilitate the public, which is the Buddha had predicted, that is, in the Dharma Ending evil world of the practice of Pure Land Dharma flourished and spread.Therefore, meditation monks, often to the Buddha Dharma to creatures great and small.

Venerable Master Chang Quan Yin Method and the Buddha France escorts disciples of the Buddha, but after all, the Venerable Master modeled Xuyun old monk (Wei Yang were eight ancestors), is also a bit of Zen patron deity. Sutra can be said Zen Zhenshanzhibao, sutra “mantra” is even more curse the king, with wonderful set, calmed down, whether the fruit feel, even if divergent practice, also eighty-four thousand Diamond protective deities, often with the powers of protection and bless.

Sutra Tathagata the real Fozhi of representatives, human sutra live in the world, that is, on behalf of the Buddha Dhamma resident human. Often recite the mantra of the disciples of the Buddha, will eliminate the Sushi karma, afterlife VII Jieneng rich but putting up three industry clean, seeking born fruit, so repair the mantra, so do not need three A Sengqi robbery also achievements.

Venerable Master “mantra” detailed and important open show

Irreparable originally colloquial, but if you can read “mantra”, but also to restore you quit the root clean. But can be read, not to recite, must Songzhou Samadhi. The mantra is read out from your heart, this curse can come back to your heart. The mantra of the so-called Curse of the heart, this heart and curse synthetic one, there is no difference. Want to forget, forget, is called not read, read, read and no read. You read all the delusional distractions no recite the mantra “a heart, is called to fight together as one, unite. You thinking of the idea to unite, there is no second read sound like water pouring from the waves pushed before the waves, wave after wave continuously, so that the sub-flow wind play Maha, the sound of water, and wind action, are mantra, “Curse of the heart. Can you read in this way, when you mess up, can get the ring root clean; you do not have to be ordained to get ordained.

Originally, you do not move forward, to study Buddhism, read a “mantra” to read a long time, quite naturally give birth to a sophisticated heart; wisdom, will open the wisdom. If you practice shall clean, you Iftar colloquial, but because you did not forget “mantra” so quickly to restore clean. If you are no mantras, no ordained ago, committed the forbidden, then the mantra after all break fasting Fanjie these crimes, whether light is heavy, and even unreasonable Boluo Yi sin of the penitent. Wu Ni, four abandoned eight abandoned, you recite the mantra “no matter what kind of sins are wiped out, even a hair so many are not, so the power of the” mantra “is incredible.
Some people hear the mantra “is such a spirit, he just execration not practice, this is a too much of the behavior.Because monasticism, whether to repair what kind of law requirements of the middle, not too much, nor less. The curse of course, is spiritual, but the courage of your convictions have to repair. “Sutra” that the curse is spiritual, but anti-smell Self, repair ears tact Dharma is the most important thing. You Songzhou, should anti-smell the Self, to a supernatural, not to say that in front of you? Chanting the mantra, the Mantra is the heart, the heart is the curse, heart and curse inseparable from the heart, curse, two without. You like this, you ask what can be heart wishful, certain achievements. Can you heart and curse back together, which is also you get meditation Samadhi, the real courage of your convictions. So this point, each of us an individual wants to know.

“Mantra” Each one has immeasurable significance, each justice has immeasurable. To understand the “mantra” is between heaven and earth powers-powers-powers-secret secret of supreme magic, life-saving treasure of all sentient beings.Cover everything from Shifangzhufo down to the Avici four holy six Where to respect the “mantra” of the law, the Ten Dharma Realms, regardless of which Dharma does not exceed this range; all ghost types God types, all types of Custodian of the heavens, Shengwen, Pratyeka, Forshang in the “mantra”. The mantra mentioned are the spirits of the king’s name, one read these spirits the name of the king, the rest of the ghost dependents and God dependents V fit perfectly paste, behave, do not dare a. Read every day, “the mantra,” make the world of ghosts and goblins are honest, not out of harm.”The mantra of all far-reaching effects, so that includes all the teachings of the Buddhist, if we understand” mantra, you can understand the secret essence of Buddhism. The wonders of the world, incredible things between heaven and earth, in the “mantra”. “Mantra”, you do not have to learn Tantric, white teaching, black teaching, yellow teaching, red teaching, do not need to learn what to teach. This is the fundamental method of Samadhi, what the secret law.However, this secret law no one knows, no one knows. Most people are learning without technology, only know to read, do not know its significance. Originally curse do not have to know the meaning, as long as it is incredible powers-enough.Able to read the “mantra” will be able to benefit all sentient beings, can not read can not benefit beings. You “to the” mantra “learn. Back out research to understand, is the Buddhist behavior expected. Want to learn the mantra, reciting the mantra “the best can make a big heart, and recite the world, all the merit back to the world. In Buddhism, no more than the “mantra” important “mantra” is the representative of the Dhamma, “the mantra” there is Dhamma, there is no “mantra” there is no Dhamma, will not be back “mantra” do not deserve to do the Buddhists, “the mantra called the flute for six months, every day to read, to study for six months will be back. We can chant the mantra “people are to propagated large Shangen people since the immeasurable robbery, back out to the” mantra “read cooked, never forget, this is the good roots of the performance. If you do not have good roots, not only can not read, even the name of the “mantra” have encountered none; even Crackdown did not understand, do not read. So we are now able to read the can back, are there large Shangen.

The Shurangama Law suffered by millions of eons path to enlightenment, we learn one, understand the power of one, would make man to go to implement. But not heard of the law inspired by Magical and strength, and went with it. Your usage, but not morality, like most people do not understand anything, random killing, stealing, adultery, lying, drinking, five mantras to read when in a pinch, this is a slander law; no merit, have dominated the spirits and protect the law that only increase their sin, they will suffer Feizai unexpected calamity of things. Repair method, first the first precepts, pay attention to virtue, first of all either contention, no greed, no seeking, no selfishness, not self-serving, do not tell lies. Moral enough, like leave the decree, posing as the king, it does not work. Now only focus on the mantra efficacious effect, but the weight of his character, even if read nor skill.

So learn the “mantra” method, the line must be positive, and became positive, not playing pure delusion, do not clean something to read given up repair clean line door. If repair the Famennian of the “mantra” on the one hand, on the one hand not properly abide by the rules, there will be a big problem occurs, we must understand this. If you do not save the righteous thoughts, no actions will cause the Vajra Treasury Bodhisattvas do not admire you, do not protect you, the Buddha of compassion, He will not harm living beings, do not anger harm; but all the attendants, all law enforcement dragons, ghosts and spirits are a lot of temper. This evil, evil, God, he saw this monastic mantras at fault, he will give you a little disaster, or make you uncomfortable, you have a lot of trouble, you will be prone to all kinds of disaster , subject to all sorts of retribution, which is no can not joke. Must be so fast bath to my heart but also clean, do not fight the idea of ​​pollution; who is also clean, no pollution

Recite the “mantra” more more money than buying gold, chanting the mantra “again, is equivalent to hundreds of millions of ounces of gold so valuable, but can not be greedy to recite. If the precepts, no jealous obstacle Primary Afflictions, then recite the mantra “there is a large induction, a large interest; If you have unruly behavior, repair this method there is no induction forces. Not because of the curse does not come true, but you do not follow the rules, the Custodian of the goodness of God from far, what he was and no matter. Those who recite the mantra “do not have a treacherous heart, and do not have a best of made sin. Fair and square at any time, only know how altruistic, I do not know self-serving, kept the bowels of mercy, save the doors of the bodhisattva.

Repair “SANJHIH Act is very inspired by, but is not so easy, first of all to no selfishness, followed by no self-serving heart to save a selfless heart, to deposit to partial heart to save sacrifice for the sake of human heart To save the Purdue heart of all living beings. Above such a heart, will be able to quickly achievements. Members should note that you must observe the five precepts, and pursue the Treatise, which is the minimum to comply with the rules.Repair this law does not abide by the rules does not work, do not observe the precepts, or I do to fight pollution delusion, not amending the law of induction, there is no achievement, but also Qihuo. So repairable SANJHIH France when, to pay special attention to, to body, mouth, meaning the industry clean, and can accordingly. You can not casually talk about non-dissension or live in the temple Debu Lok. You have to move behavior to rule themselves, who live at the sitting and lying do not leave home, can not do to others laundry to take to take care of it, a supernatural.

Mantra “is a spiritual text, every one there is the effectiveness of each one, you do not have to think:” I hold “mantra” how not efficacious? “Or no effect, you go to read, just like playing kung fu every day to go boxing, martial arts, exercise there is effort, not to say no exercise there is effort. Similarly, accept and uphold the law every day uninterrupted, under any circumstances, should amend the law for taking the time. Do a long time on the students slack off, no longer interested in the “mantra”. This does not mean that you read one, to see what effect, you see, but not what effect, you have to accept and uphold and recite every day. This must be a long time the power of deep, did not happen overnight can accomplish, there is induction of Like reading to read 10 years, two decades or three decades. Can be truly learned, practice abuzz case. Reciting the mantra, you never given up, at all times to recite the mantra, do not break, like dressing, eating, sleeping as bear, not a day less. Whatever its efficacy, you accept and uphold and recite every day, a long time, there basis, they will naturally its function.
The line you want to achieve wonderful, incredible strength, you do not mind the total Dawang Xiang, freak, always wishful thinking. You Songzhou interrupted, Samadhi you would not have achievements. Attendance Shurangama Famennian to come up with genuine, sincere to attend. What is really? “Mantra” is to practice, have forgotten the time and space, the day of the night do not know, eat, do not eat do not know, sleep did not sleep do not know. Forgot everything, what, an idea so long as immeasurable robbery immeasurable robbery and a read. Have this spirit, to eat, sleep forgot everything, and only bent on self-cultivation “mantra” certain achievements Samadhi. Can not not talk about truly repairable SANJHIH Famennian, not only repair the Shurangama method is so, repair the other the key to OK OK I do not know, sit I do not know to sit thirsty, I do not know thirsty, hungry, hungry, I do not know. Said: “That is not to become the most stupid person do?” Is so, this is meant to develop a large clumsy side skillfully learned such as the stupidity began to see strange if you can learn ignorance like this, whether you repair what Famennian can get Samadhi, will be successful. Because you did not ignorance, did not actually make it into the Samadhi of the realm, so the repair to repair to not corresponding.
When you work hard to recite the “mantra”, or would dream of Buddha, or dream of Buddha shine or dream of the Buddha to the top of Mount, or the dream of the Buddha and preached to, or dreamed of the Buddha, Pratyeka grievous, holy man, or the generals in the sky, or the dream of hip void, or dream to fly, this is a good realm; or horseback riding, or cross the river, all auspicious light, or all kinds of very surprisingly out of phase. Suppose to get fulfilled, compassion, and you should be very careful, you want to send the body, the mouth, which means three industry clean-up your effort to recite the mantra. But you can not go to declare, you have a sensor, what efficacious, as people believe that you have a crush on you. What induction you know you have to, you do to show off their own merit, and throughout the advertisements, the streets selling the practice, it is not right. If so, there will be some loopholes, and the devil have their will. If you have a treasure, do not put it in a safe, you put it in the door will be stolen. Repair Buddhism to be very careful, do not let the demons heretics she lay. But you fellow, is with the practice, not for fame and fortune, or to very respectful of me, praise me for, you can say.
“Sutra”: If you recite the mantra “With effort, with good enough, then eighty-four thousand Vajra Treasury Bodhisattvas and his apprentice dependents, they are often followers to protect you, so that You gourmets and is full of willing.Even if the devil looking for a loophole, and want to come to your troubles can not do anything. Fifth Patriarch Hongren Masters in Hubei Dongshan in the past practice, he quit the line fine Yan, the practice is particularly serious.
Time bandits around this city, Hongren master could not, the people who want to save this town head, and thus he came down, to the Hubei city to go from that place of Dongshan. Bandits see the Hongren master came, it scared Diukuixiejia looking shadow fled, why is this it? Hongren master, a man came down the hill, but the bandits see completely heavenly days, wearing golden armor seems to be down from the sky gods, were wearing golden armor, holding a sword of a mighty odd Yang. The bandits saw this situation is scared to look shadow fled without a knife, shot a stone’s throw, they retreated. This is because the the Hongren master recite the “mantra”, so the bandit is a renowned the Hongren master scared to run, this is a real effort to like this, no real effort, and how there is such induction Road pay.
Sakyamuni Buddha in order to protect the school we are all early heart Taoist declared “mantra” to help get the courage of your convictions, so that the soul, without any trouble. So we always do not forget this law, if we can sincerely loyal recite the “mantra” is Shaolong Buddhism is Zhengfazhushi.

The sutra authenticity of the decision 

. The the Hasuike Zhu macro master says: (1532-1612) (founder Lin Association were eighth generation)

former demand depends on the authenticity of the “sutra” Lianchidashi. Master says:
“the world fools, words are descendants of Buddhist ‘only’ made, the True Buddha had said this correct. cloud ‘only human’, I do not know how people are able to this end and other languages, saying that such reason ? if the set, I said, is the person named Buddha. pole, and the ancient and modern ‘only’, have been a blessing over almost in Confucius, Mencius, who? Buddhist Confucius and Mencius are than, I can see men! its very rustic. insufficient debate “! “Lianchitaishi Complete Works (seven). Is falsely set “on page 4078. It has been said that “sutra” is the room melt made ​​by master Yan Chi says: “There see Shurangama” not only the meaning of deep, wonderful abuzz text was suspected prime minister housing melt made. husband scriptures Museum, in 1903 monk words minister lay no less than the tens of hundreds of people, and then one after the beginning into the melt to polish the text, however, the non-exclusive, its meaning. based financial self-own pleasure record for by, the melting solid days St. in St. carry the exam Tangshi, the melting of the intellect is still non Liu, Han, Yuan, white than, How to make Shurangama “? is a super first, Jesus, Confucius, Mencius, Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi? Jiehu one thousand Health and Bai Jie, have encountered the case to the fine to the micro-to the mysterious extremely Code, did not give up the letter by students this next the inferior perversity of the suspect, sadly, her husband! sad Yefu ” Complete “Lianchitaishi (f). Bamboo window Essay on page 3720. Modern Zen dean Xuyun old monk Disclosure: (1840-1959) scholar Confucius sinners, monk Buddha sinners. also said: ‘destroy Buddhist, Hindus also, non-pagan; death of the six countries who six countries, non-Qin; Death of Qin who, Qin also non-six countries. ‘the Scripture has said degenerated time of the various decay can be seen everywhere, such as monks to marry his wife, the nun to marry her husband, change in white cassock, white ranks Theravada . Ouyang non-Buddhist, see, for his knowledge Shurangama one hundred pseudo-said, “against” Shurangama; far Participation Master said, “Kegon”, “Perfect Enlightenment”, “France and China such as by “Faith of” are false, this is the phenomenon of the Dharma Ending “. Xuyun old monk Chronicle of exchange increase in the final version “pages 278-279. Some people also mentioned the Xuyun old monk said: “” sutra “was said to be forged” the old monk said: “This is the Dharma Ending how called Dharma Ending? because this group of people, which makes the fish in non- clear, these people are lost to teach you the eyes of the blind man asked, it is recognized is not clear Buddhism a. where this is really him false; false serious you look at some personal is this person to write a book, people are holding; that the person to write a book, he also took the view, really the Buddha classic, people put it brushed the shelf, put that bookcase child never see. so it will look out the karma of living beings is very heavy, if he listens to evil knowledge and deviant views, it is believed; tell you is to know the right view of the law, said he did not believe why ? is not enough good roots, enough foundation of the relationship, a suspected heart of Dhamma, a suspicion is not unbelief. ” Transfer from Venerable Master “the Shurangama 50th Yin Magic of Simple Explanation” page 628-630. Modern Lin Association were on behalf of 13 Patriarch Patriarch Yin Kuang Yan Chi says: (1862-1940) took over the book to know you guardians of the heart, very real. Er Bi (referring to Ouyang) prefer to give the hell of the tallest of the ages seeds, can be very mercy of Faith “pseudo, non-advocate in Liangren Gong is Rengong Cheng Ouyang without the devil said, According to conclusion, significant own erudition, but can identify the authenticity also Ouyang is my slow magic kinds big. by Kobo ‘s name in order to seek profit, the Shurangama “,” Faith “was forged, Naiyu fans ignorance without knowledge of the scholar-officials, Ji Bong has the Dharma King. The person who, by-pass phase were arrogant ancient and modern. where Taiwan Yin Zhu Goode said, the devil and he see substandard denounced cloud ‘fart’ and generally smart people, he pass were, the group mailer thought ‘good mentor’. phase were mainly ‘nor’ He is the only pregnant one, ‘I see’, no phase were my gas separation. Mei of magic, yet each believed miserably “. (Fu Lee Kun Dan lay the book). “Master Yin Kuang Wen Chao compiled under. Volume IV page 940. “Not only can the world Masato very Yong inferior people, the ancient bounds saints, can very Yong inferior, so France and China,” Shurangama “,” Faith, “said the forgery of, if not study non-CD and heard by as three religions sage classic, all when paid Bingding carry!(Complex fDown great circle lay the book two). “Master Yin Kuang Wen Chao compiled under. Volume III page 733. “Know thy see, does not differ from the prevalent custom, do not study non-reportedly thought given, according to … that France and China,” Shurangama, “Faith,” a pseudo-who otherwise Korea retreat of the so-called history, people of good and evil described untrue, do not have man-made must days calamity. Ru to bodhicitta large, want to do beings canard this framed language in the tides, no pollution, “tides” Bodhicitta injury Ru peace! Ru absurd light division, it is not forbidden Xu, that not, that is, Dear John. ” (Complex fDown great circle lay the book three). “Master Yin Kuang Wen Chao compiled under. Volume III page 734. “Mortal shall be total and pragmatic, he advocates a different slander” Shurangama “Faith”, begin with the good name of the heart caused by desire for the world future generations, said he for a wise man, kept in the dark I do not know the vanity of the people, while its secular Eye as can be mercy, Wing Duo Wudao dead, bitter out the name of the wrong people, so those “. (Fu Chen Shimu lay the book nine). “Master Yin Kuang Wen Chao compiled on. Volume II, “page 405. Modern Wei Yang were Zen Master Venerable Master says: (1918-1995) “The general scholars, and said” sutra “is false, not Buddha, what is research, what is recorded in this he was afraid sutra “, not the method of to deal with the” sutra “truth.” sutra “that they fear most is the ‘four kinds of Clear Instructions on Purity’, this ‘four kinds of Clear Instructions on Purity’ is the magic mirror, all ghosts and goblins gave according to their true form. ‘magic 50 Yin’ and ’50th Yin Magic of’ demons heretics their bones gave see through demonic appearance had been met which a able to “sutra” back out, and that is the real Buddha’s disciples. “sutra” in the time of the Buddha – dharma is first extinguished. Why will it disappear? because some scholars, but also Professor ah, even the monks, said it is false. remarks, the passage of time, repeated the baseless assertion that they say is right, so that the “sutra” is false, Buddhists also believes that it is false. Over time, this by no so-called classic extinguished, that is like this, because we do not learn, it is not, and thus extinguished the “. The Xuanhua Master sutra 50th Yin Magic of Simple Explanation “page 638. “Truth about” sutra “is very correct, very logic, There is nothing more clear so the whole” sutra “is a magic mirror, magic mirror hanging a ghosts and goblins are alarmed. sutra ‘and’ mantra ‘I just said, then explained the reason, if not in line with the Buddha’s heart, not in line by the righteousness of – if the sutra “is false, I am willing to stay forever in hell, then the world to see all the people I am a stupid person, but am not so foolish willing to go to Hell, no longer out. you by this , should be convinced that this sutra and ‘mantra’. ” Venerable Master “sutra fifty Yin magic Simple Explanation” page 640. “Some people recite the” sutra “to Jin Xingshou to support such a cultivator, I am willing … to learn sutra, I am willing the Jin Xingshou to feed such a person.” The Xuanhua master sutra 50th Yin Magic of Simple Explanation “page 642. On behalf of Ben-nan lay the cloud: (1889-1986) “Q: Qing Dynasty Yuan Mei” sutra “Six people probably fake, so” Western turn this book “(see ‘small the Cangshan room chido and process cotton Zhuang book’), how to reprove Yuan said? (Shen Zhong) : Yuan child was just a writer ears, in Buddhism and textual, are outside the door, said the lack of severity. However, the authenticity debate, Buddhism does have its people, has Zheng proposed interest rate is not, then why suddenly the organs of the disease, specifically asked ringworm scabies yeah? “Ben-nan old lay Complete Works of Buddhist Q & A Class Code ()” on page 12. “Q:” sutra “the authenticity debate also Qiwei able summary view of all the ages with great wisdom and supernatural power of eminent monks no shortage, with their wisdom, can not give the correct answer? (Chen Ping Zhang)? A: “sutra” authenticity, non-correct answers only refer to those who can not be decisive ear. Proposition true, such as all cases, the founder and annotator, do not believe its true, He and filling?Pseudo-proposition, the more general scholars sent to pick in certain information and skeptics. This is a matter of opinion. District of knowledge, since ancient times, according to the Shurangama “sermon, a lot of people, both sermon, how have cloud pseudo? More than just this. Theravada faction, then why not partial ridiculed Mahayana yeah? Err the Mahayana none Buddha or not? But on the track phase Suishun debate, on the truth, saying that really said it was false, all the drama on the “The Complete Works of Ben-nan old lay. Buddhism Q & A Class Code () “on page 99 under 100.Article Source: section from the Hua Fan University graduate student Chen Bin Journal sutra suspect pseudo “pages 359-387.


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