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Buddhism..Buddha to Buddha.All living beings be happy - Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta


(The Quelling Calamity and Bringing Auspicious Good Will Dhāraṇī)

消災吉祥神咒 The Mantra for Dispersing Calamities and Bringing Auspicious Good Will (Śāntika śrī dhāranī), in Ch’an tradition, this is the second dharani of The Ten Small Dharanis in the morning recitations.
In the Tang (618-907 AD) and Song (907-1279 AD) dynasties, the belief of Teja-probaha Buddha (Brilliant light 熾盛光佛) related with the Esoteric Buddhism had been very prevalent.
People used pictures of Tejaprobaha Buddha to exclude the negative influence from the constellations.
According to the Amoghavajra’s 不空金剛 (705-774 AD) translation of the Prajvaloṣṇīṣaḥ Dharani Sutra (熾盛光佛頂陀羅尼經), one recites this dharani, one can eliminate all calamities caused by the five stars and other constellations.

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