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Buddhism..Buddha to Buddha.All living beings be happy - Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta


(The Pure Land Rebirth Spiritual Mantra)

Amitabha: amita prabhā, infinite light. arya-mitābhā, noble Amitābhā (1 ‘a’ is omitted because it follows ‘arya’).
Arhat: A term used primarily in Theravada Buddhism to signify a person who has fulfilled its ultimate goal, the attainment of nirvana. Upon death, the arhat will become extinguished. The arhat, as an individual, has attained full enlightenment, peace and freedom.
amṛta (noun, male): nectar, immortality.
siddhaṃ (adj., active, singl.): successful. siddha (adj., passive).
kīrta, kīrti: praise, fame, merit. kīrt (verb). kīrta (adj.): famous, glory
kare: make. kara (adj.): in completing, achieving, arising.
gāmine (adj, passive, plural): from gāmin (adj.): in entering, arriving, going.
gagana (adj., male): as sky, as space.
īśvarā: lord. svara: sound.
sambhave: make possible, producing
Tathágata: the ‘exalted one’, is an epithet for a Buddha. Literally, the one who has ‘thus(tatha) come(ga’te)’, or ‘thus…

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